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Air oxidation of organic compounds in aqueous solutions. Ecochemical and analytical aspects


The results of static and dynamic laboratory experiments confirm the oxidation of organic compounds in aquatic medium by dissolved oxygen of atmospheric air to be possible under conditions close to normal. Alkylaromatics containing hydrogen atoms in alkyl substituents in α-positions to the aromatic system, as well as simple ethers, are characterised by the highest chemical reactivity in relation to triplet (3Σ g ) which is consistent with the pattern of free-radical reactions. Principal environmental and analytical consequences of the obtained results are under discussion. Liquid-phase free-radical reactions of atmospheric oxygen may proceed with the participation of atmospheric aerosols, i.e water droplets within clouds. Another example relates to the prevention of accumulation in natural bodies of water stable nonylphenol (predominantly 4-tert-isomers), characterized by endocrine activity. Suggested the possibility of replacing them with secondary alkylphenols, identical in all chemical properties except for the ease of oxidation by air oxygen in aqueous solutions

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Original Russian Text © I.G. Zenkevich, E.V. Ishchenko, A.A. Makarov, O.E. Sonchik, 2010, published in Ekologicheskaya Khimiya, 2010, Vol. 19, No. 1, pp. 1–13.

Zenkevich Igor Georgievich, Dr. Sci. (Chem.), Professor, Head of the Laboratory of Gas Chromatography, Department of Chemistry, St. Petersburg State University. Areas of scientific interests: Chromatography, Hyphenated techniques, Identification of analytes, Precalculation of analytical parameters, Chemometrics, Oxidation of organic compounds by air oxygen.

Ischenko Evgeny Vyacheslavovich, Graduated student, Department of Chemistry, St. Petersburg State University. The topic of the diploma project (2008) was connected with oxidation of volatile organic com ounds in water solutions by dissolved air oxygen.

Makarov Andrew Aleksandrovich, PhD (Chem.), Engineer of the Laboratory of Gas Chromatography, Department of Chemistry, St. Petersburg State University. Lumex-Marketing Co. (St. Petersburg), Engineer-chemist. Areas of scientific interests: Chromatography, HPLC-analyses.

Sonchik Olga Evgenievna, Graduated Master (Chem.), Department of Chemistry, St. Petersburg State University, Ecros-Balt Corp. (St. Petersburg), specialist in relations with educational organizations. The topic of the masters’ dissertation (2009) was connected with oxidation of alkyl phenols in water solutions by dissolved air oxygen.

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