Structure of tetrakis((1,3-diethyl-2-thiobarbiturato)(butanol-1))dicobalt(II)


The structure of the dimeric complex [Co2(BuOH)4(Detba)4] (I), where НDetba is 1,3-diethyl-2-thiobarbituric acid, and BuOH is butanol-1, is determined (CIF file CCDC 1475273), and its IR spectrum is studied. The crystals are monoclinic: a = 10.7185(5), b = 21.985(1), c = 12.7235(7) Å, β = 92.196(2)°, V = 2996.1(3) Å3, space group P21/c, Z = 2. The Co2+ ions in compound I are joined in pairs by bridging ligands μ2-Detba−O,O'. In addition, each of them is linked through the O atoms to one terminal Detba–ion and two BuOH molecules to form a trigonal bipyramid СоО5. Hydrogen bonds O–H···O formed by BuOH and Detba join the binuclear complexes into an infinite chain. The data of IR spectroscopy are consistent with the results of X-ray diffraction analysis.

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  • cobalt(II)
  • 1,3-diethyl-2-thiobarbituric acid
  • butanol-1
  • dimeric complex
  • structure
  • IR spectrum