Natural dyes based on chlorophyll and protoporphyrin derivatives


The utility of natural dyes (chlorophyll, protoporphyrin, and their derivatives) as ecologically pure new-generation dyes that are safer than common synthetic arene-based dyes is discussed. New dyes were obtained from chlorophyll and protoporphyrin derivatives such as pheophorbide (a+b), chlorin e6, 6-N-(2-aminoethylamido)chlorin e6 dimethyl ester, and 6-N-(2-aminoethylamido)deuteroporphyrin methyl ester and tested in coloration of wool, cotton, and acetate fibers.

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Original Russian Text © S.V. Zvezdina, M.B. Berezin, and B.D. Berezin, 2010, published in Koordinatsionnaya Khimiya, 2010, Vol. 36, No. 9, pp. 717–720.

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  • Porphyrin
  • Phthalocyanine
  • Cotton Fiber
  • Protoporphyrin
  • Tetrapyrrole