Izvestiya, Physics of the Solid Earth

, Volume 54, Issue 2, pp 349–358 | Cite as

On the Locality of Transient Electromagnetic Soundings with a Single-Loop Configuration

  • P. O. Barsukov
  • E. B. Fainberg


The possibilities of reconstructing two-dimensional (2D) cross sections based on the data of the profile soundings by the transient electromagnetic method (TEM) with a single ungrounded loop are illustrated on three-dimensional (3D) models. The process of reconstruction includes three main steps: transformation of the responses in the depth dependence of resistivity ρ(h) measured along the profile, with their subsequent stitching into the 2D pseudo section; point-by-point one-dimensional (1D) inversion of the responses with the starting model constructed based on the transformations; and correction of the 2D cross section with the use of 2.5-dimensional (2.5D) block inversion. It is shown that single-loop TEM soundings allow studying the geological media within a local domain the lateral dimensions of which are commensurate with the depth of the investigation. The structure of the medium beyond this domain insignificantly affects the sounding results. This locality enables the TEM to reconstruct the geoelectrical structure of the medium from the 2D cross sections with the minimal distortions caused by the lack of information beyond the profile of the transient response measurements.


profile electromagnetic soundings transient processes transformations 1D inversion construction of 2D sections 


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Authors and Affiliations

  1. 1.Geoelectromagnetic Research Centre, Schmidt Institute of Physics of the EarthRussian Academy of SciencesTroitskRussia

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