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Synthesis of Isatin-Based Oxo-Spiro Chromene Schiff’s Bases as Antibacterial and Anticancer Agents


Herein, we report series of isatin-based oxo-spiro chromene Schiff’s bases, synthesized by condensing 2,7-diamino-2'-oxospiro[chromene-4,3'-indoline]-3-carbonitrile with aromatic aldehydes using efficient acid catalyst, silica sulfuric acid (SSA). Spectroscopic techniques have corroborated the formation of desired products. Derivatives were screened in vitro for antibacterial and anticancer activities. Molecular docking was also performed to predict the possible mode of action of these derivatives.

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The authors are thankful to Advanced Centre for Treatment, Research and Education in Cancer (ACTREC) Kharghar, Navi Mumbai for anticancer screening, Dr. Prafulla Choudhari from Bharati Vidyapeeth College of Pharmacy, Kolhapur for Antibacterial studies.

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  • oxo-spiro chromene
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