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Synthesis, Design, and Biological Evaluation of Novel Diethylphenylcarbamothioylphosphonate


The aim of this work was to synthesize a diethyl phenylcarbamothioyl phosphonate (EThmP) and evaluate its biological activities. ThmP has been prepared with high yields and its conformation was determined. This phosphonothioamidate derivative was characterized by IR, and NMR Spectroscopy (1H, 13C, and 31P). On the component of EThmP, the Hirshfeld surface analysis indicates that the major contributions for the crystal packing are H···H (53.3%), H···O (12.9%) H···S (14.5%), and C···H (17.6%) interactions. An anti-nociceptive test (the formaline test) showed that the EThmP modulates the pain during the early and late phases proved by rat behavior characterized by absence of licking, biting and shaking of the affected paw. The modulation of pain by the EThmP may be due to its anti-inflammatory effect. The Hot Plate test showed that the pretreatment with the EThmP did not modulate the pain nociception induced by maintaining the rat at a fixed temperature of 48°C. The treated rats’ behavior was characterized by elevating, licking the paw, jumping and fleeing. EThmP did not affect the memory capacity and acetylcholinesterase activity. The morbidity of rats was normal with no mortality or sign of toxicity. The in vitro study showed that the EThmP has no antibacterial, antifungal and antioxidant activities. The EThmP has an important dose dependent anti-inflammatory activity.

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We are grateful for the Histology, Embryology, and Cell Biology Laboratory (UR17ES13) and Laboratory Selective Organic and Heterocyclic Synthesis Biological Activity Evaluation (LR11ES20) for their financial support to this research project.

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