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Antioxidant properties of conjugates of polyethylene glycols containing terpenophenolic fragments


A series of water-soluble conjugates has been synthesized from polyethylene glycols of various lengths and 4-bromomethyl-2,6-diisobornylphenol. The membrane protective and antioxidant activities of the synthesized products were evaluated on the model of the H2O2-induced hemolysis of erythrocytes. It was shown that the studied conjugates have a significant antioxidant activity, and a significant membrane protective effect was shown for the conjugates containing 0.2% and 0.8% of the 2,6-diisobornyl-4-methylenephenolic fragments.

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polyethylene glycol


lipid peroxidation


products reacting with 2-thiobarbituric acid (TBA-reactive substances)








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  • polyethylene glycols
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