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Polar steroids from Solaster endeca starfish and the physiological activity of polar steroids from three starfish species


Four polyhydroxylated steroids, new (20R)-5α-cholestan-3β,6α,8,15α,24,26-hexaol (I) and known (20R,25S)-5α-cholestan-3β,6α,8,15β,16β,26-hexaol, (20R,25S)-5α-cholestan-3β,6α,15β,16β,26-pentaol, and marthasterone sulfate were isolated from the Solaster endeca starfish inhabiting the Sea of Okhotsk and characterized. Steroid (I) contains a 24,26-dihydroxylated side chain, which is unique for starfish polyols. The isolated steroids and related metabolites from two starfish species of the Evasterias genus (in total, 15 compounds) were weakly cytotoxic in a human HeLa cell culture and some of them were inhibitors of non-specific esterase from mouse Ehrlich carcinoma. The effects of these compounds on the p53 protein activity were studied in a yeast two-hybrid test system and both inhibitors and stimulators of this activity were found among them.

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Levina, E.V., Aminin, D.L., Kovalchuk, S.N. et al. Polar steroids from Solaster endeca starfish and the physiological activity of polar steroids from three starfish species. Russ J Bioorg Chem 36, 233–239 (2010).

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Key words

  • biological activity
  • Ehrlich carcinoma cells
  • HeLa cells
  • starfish Solaster endeca
  • Evasterias
  • polyhydroxysteroids
  • yeast two-hybrid test system