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Bacterial antigen polysaccharides. 43. Structure for the O-specific polysaccharide of Providencia alcalifaciens O46


Acidic O-specific polysaccharide containing D-glucose, D-glucuronic acid, L-fucose, and 2-acetamido-2-deoxy-D-glucose was obtained by mild acid degradation of lipopolysaccharide from Providencia alcalifaciens O46. The following structure of the hexasaccharide repeating unit of the O-specific polysaccharide was established using methylation analysis along with 1H and 13C NMR spectroscopy, including 2D 1H, 1H-COSY, TOCSY, ROESY, 1H, 13C-HSQC, and HMQC-TOCSY experiments:

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O-specific polysaccharide


O-deacetylated polysaccharide


correlation spectroscopy


heteronuclear multiple-quantum/singe-quantum coherence spectroscopy




rotational frame nuclear Overhauser effect spectroscopy


total correlation spectroscopy


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Original Russian Text © O.G. Ovchinnikova, N.A. Kocharova, A.S. Shashkov, Yu.A. Knirel, A. Rozalski, 2009, published in Bioorganicheskaya Khimiya, 2009, vol. 35, No. 3, pp. 408–413.

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Key words

  • Providencia alcalifaciens
  • O-antigen
  • O-specific polysaccharide
  • structure
  • NMR spectroscopy