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Preparation and characterization of monoclonal antibodies to the cholera toxin


Monoclonal antibodies to cholera toxin were obtained. They do not cross-react with the termolabile toxin (LT) of Escherichia coli, ricin, diphtherial toxin, staphylococcus enterotoxins of SEA, SEB, SEI, SEG, or the lethal factor and protective antigen of the anthrax toxin. Pairs of antibodies for the quantitative measurement of the cholera toxin in sandwich enzyme immunoassay (EIA) were selected. The detection limit of the toxin is 0.2 ng/ml for plate EIA and 0.44 ng/ml for microchip EIA. The presence of milk, broth, or surface water in the toxin samples does not reduce the sensitivity of EIA.

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thermolabile cholera toxin


enzyme immunoassay


thermolabile toxin of E. coli


phosphatebuffered saline (pH 7.4)


PBS with 0.1% Tween-20


monoclonal antibodies




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