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Nanocomplexes of recombinant proteins and polysialic acid: Preparation, characteristics, and biological activity


A preparation of nanocomplexes containing recombinant proteins (interferons α2b and β1b, insulin, and human granulocyte colony stimulating factor) and natural polysialic acid (PSA) has been described. The incorporation of protein into the complex changes its electrophoretic mobility. Atomic force microscopy reveals the average size of 23-kD insulin complexes with PSA of 10–20 nm and demonstrates that more than 60% of glycopolymer molecules carry a single protein molecule. Experiments with cultured cells show that cytokines bound to polysialic acid retain their ability to regulate cell proliferation. Insulin bound to PSA has a prolonged hypoglycemic effect in vivo.

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human granulocyte colonysfimulating factor


interferon α2β


interferon β1b


high-oriented pyrolyfic graphite


polysialie acid


polyethylene glycol


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  • recombinant human insulin
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