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New indodicarbocyanine dyes for the biological microchip technology


New indodicarbocyanine dyes with the carboxybutyl group in position-3 of the indolenine fragment bearing methyl and sulfonic groups in positions 5 and 7 of the cycle were synthesized in order to find the most effective fluorescent labels for the biological microchip technology. The position of absorption and fluorescence maxima, the total charge of the dye molecule, and water solubility depend on the location and the total amount of methyl and sulfonic groups. The spectral characteristics of the dyes synthesized were determined. The relative fluorescence efficiencies of the dyes at equal concentrations were measured at excitation wavelengths of 635 and 655 nm and emission wavelengths of 670 and 690 nm, respectively.

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Original Russian Text © V.E. Kuznetsova, V.A. Vasiliskov, O.V. Antonova, V.M. Mikhailovich, A.S. Zasedatelev, A.V. Chudinov, 2008, published in Bioorganicheskaya Khimiya, 2008, Vol. 34, No. 1, pp. 141–144.

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Kuznetsova, V.E., Vasiliskov, V.A., Antonova, O.V. et al. New indodicarbocyanine dyes for the biological microchip technology. Russ J Bioorg Chem 34, 130–133 (2008).

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Key words

  • biological microchips
  • fluorescence
  • hybridization analysis
  • indodicarbocyanine dyes