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The effect of environmental conditions of the open channel period on the relative body condition of semianadromous burbot, Lota lota L. (Lotidae), in the Ob River

  • This Number of the Journal is Dedicated to the 70th Anniversary of Institute of Plant and Animal Ecology, Ural Branch, Russian Academy of Sciences
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The results of long-term observations on changes in the relative body conditions of burbot (Lota lota L.) in the Lower Ob basin during the open channel period (June–September) are analyzed. Statistically significant strong positive dependence of the hepatosomatic index of spawners on the maximum flood level is revealed. An equation predicting the value of the hepatosomatic index of spawners from instrumentally measurable environmental parameters is constructed.

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Original Russian Text © A.R. Koporikov, V.D. Bogdanov, 2014, published in Ekologiya, 2014, No. 6, pp. 417–421.

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Koporikov, A.R., Bogdanov, V.D. The effect of environmental conditions of the open channel period on the relative body condition of semianadromous burbot, Lota lota L. (Lotidae), in the Ob River. Russ J Ecol 45, 463–466 (2014).

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