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Extraction Technology for Reprocessing U–Be Fuel Solutions


The results of experiments are presented on testing the separation of uranium from U-Be nuclear fuel solutions by extraction. It was shown that the degree of uranium extraction using a solution of 10 vol% TBP in RED-3 from a nitric acid solution of this fuel is 98.7%. Transfer of uranium into the re-extract is 97.9%. More than 99.99 % of beryllium goes into the extraction raffinate intended for further vitrification. The results of the study were used for the preparation of technological regulations on reprocessing of U-Be SNF at the RT-1 plant of the Mayak Production Association. The industrial-scale reprocessing of this fuel confirmed the values determined in the study.

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Volk, V.I., Arseenkov, L.V., Safiulina, A.M. et al. Extraction Technology for Reprocessing U–Be Fuel Solutions. Radiochemistry 64, 344–348 (2022).

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  • nuclear fuel
  • uranium
  • beryllium
  • fuel elements
  • nitric acid
  • extraction
  • tributylphosphate (TBP)
  • raffinate
  • re-extract
  • selectivity
  • SNF reprocessing