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Recovery of Palladium from Nitric Acid Solutions of Spent Nuclear Fuel Reprocessing


The possibility of palladium recovery from nitric acid solutions simultaneously with the in situ synthesis of iron(III) hexacyanoferrate(II) (HCF) was studied. The molar ratio of the reagents Pd : PFC : Fe(III) = 1 : 2 : 2 (PFC is potassium ferrocyanide) was found to provide complete palladium recovery in the range of nitric acid concentrations of 1–5 M. Almost all cesium and significant amounts of molybdenum and silver are separated from the solution, simulating HLW from spent nuclear fuel reprocessing.

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This work was carried out with the financial support of JSC Science and Innovations.

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  • palladium
  • degree of recovery
  • hexacyanoferrates
  • high-level waste
  • spent nuclear fuel
  • nitric acid solutions