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Sorption Kinetics of 60Co with Termoxid 35 Composite Sorbent in the Presence of Humic Acids


The sorption kinetics of microamounts of Co(II) ions by the Termoxid 35 sorbent in a constant ionic strength chloride–acetate solution with and without the presence of natural humic acids (HAs) was studied using the finite volume method with sorbate recirculation. Detailed data on the real-time sorption of the 60Co radionuclide by the sorbent were obtained based on the rate of solution passing through the sorbent, pH, temperature, and HA concentration. The mixed-diffusion model of the Co(II) sorption kinetics, which includes successive stages of film and gel diffusion in the macro-micropores of the sorbent grain, the most statistically accurately and adequately simulates the data obtained. The coefficients of film (β, m/s) and gel (Dg, m2/s) diffusion do not depend on solution pH and HA concentration. The average value of Dg is (6.0 ± 4.5) × 10–10 m2/s, the activation energy of gel diffusion is 20.7 ± 10.0 kJ/mol at pH 7.5. The found values ​​are close to the Co2+ self-diffusion parameters in ultradilute aqueous solutions. A conclusion was made about the possibility of efficient sorption of Co(II) from natural aqueous solutions by the Termoxid 35 sorbent in the presence of humic acids.

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The work was carried out according to the plans of fundamental research of the Institute of Solid State Chemistry of the Ural Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences State theme АААА-А19-119031890028-0.

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