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On problem of the dynamics of a viscoelastic medium with memory on an infinite interval


The existence of a weak solution of a boundary value problem for a viscoelasticity model with memory on an infinite time interval is proved. The proof relies on an approximation of the original boundary value problem by regularized ones on finite time intervals and makes use of recent results concerning the solvability of Cauchy problems for systems of ordinary differential equations in the class of regular Lagrangian flows.

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Original Russian Text © V.G. Zvyagin, V.P. Orlov, 2017, published in Doklady Akademii Nauk, 2017, Vol. 475, No. 2, pp. 130–132.

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Zvyagin, V.G., Orlov, V.P. On problem of the dynamics of a viscoelastic medium with memory on an infinite interval. Dokl. Math. 96, 329–331 (2017).

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