Multicriteria Steiner tree with the cost of Steiner vertices

  • M. Sh. Levin
  • A. A. Zamkovoy
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The multicriteria problem of constructing the Steiner tree with consideration for the cost of additional Steiner vertices is studied. Formulations of the problems of constructing the covering Steiner trees and algorithmic approaches are described. The engineering formulation of the problem is aimed at constructing a telecommunications network with allowance for the spatial distribution of radio interferences. An approach to solving the formulated milticriterion problem on the basis of combination of two solving schemes is proposed: (1) the basic scheme for constructing a covering Steiner tree on the basis of clustering the vertices of the initial graph and (2) the general scheme for constructing the covering Steiner trees with allowance for the number of additional vertices and calculation of the Pareto-efficient solutions. A module based on the modified Prim’s algorithm for constructing a multicriteria covering tree is additionally used. The vertices of the initial graph are clustered on the basis of a hierarchical algorithm. Examples of a computational experiment on constructing the multicriteria Steiner trees are given.


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