Physical principles of plasma antenna operation

  • N. G. Gusein-Zade
  • I. M. Minaev
  • A. A. Rukhadze
  • K. Z. Rukhadze
Radio Phenomena in Solids and Plasma


Basic principles of operation of plasma antennas based on volume and surface plasma waves are presented. It is demonstrated that the efficiency of plasma antennas does not yield to that of metal antennas and that the controllability (frequency tuning for reception and transmission) and radar invisibility (a small radar cross section) are significantly higher. Plasma antennas of two types are considered: dipole antennas operating based on the surface plasma wave, and slotted waveguide antennas operating based on the volume plasma wave.


Effective Permittivity Dipole Antenna Slot Waveguide Slot Antenna Collisional Plasma 
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  • N. G. Gusein-Zade
  • I. M. Minaev
  • A. A. Rukhadze
  • K. Z. Rukhadze

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