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The Structure and Mechanical Properties of Porous Diatomite Ceramic upon Compression Deformation


The mechanical properties of a porous diatomite-based ceramic have been studied. The results of a morphological analysis of the samples under study were used to examine the porous structure of the ceramic (morphology and average pore diameter) and determine the numerical value of the porosity of the samples (35–50%). The static (70–115 GPa) and dynamic (37–50 GPa) elasticity moduli of the samples were experimentally determined. The dependence of the dynamic modulus of the porous diatomite ceramic on porosity was examined: the elasticity moduli were found to decrease with increasing porosity of the material. The decrease in the porosity of the material after its being deformed was also found. It was observed that diatomite threads are formed after the samples were subjected to a compression deformation at a rate not exceeding 8 × 10–4 s–1.

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The authors are grateful to S.G. Kalenkov for his interest in the study and stimulating discussions.


This study was carried out in the framework of project of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation no. FZRR-2020-0023/code 0699-2020-0023.

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Correspondence to A. A. Skvortsov.

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  • porous ceramic
  • disintegration mechanics
  • diatomite,