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Hot-Wire Chemical Vapor Deposition of Fluoropolymer Coatings on Rotating Cylindrical Surfaces


The method of hot-wire activated chemical vapor deposition (HW CVD) of fluoropolymer films has been adapted to obtain fluoropolymer coatings on rotating cylindrical surfaces of small radius (below 20 mm). The influence of the substrate rotation speed on the structure of thin fluoropolymer deposit was studied and revealed significant dependence of the coating morphology on the speed of cylindrical surface rotation, which is an additional parameter that can be used to control the structure of fluoropolymer coating during the HW CVD process.

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Fig. 1.


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This work was supported in part by the Russian Science Foundation, project no. 18-79-10119.

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Correspondence to A. I. Safonov.

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Translated by P. Pozdeev

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  • fluoropolymer
  • deposition
  • rotating surface
  • hot-wire activated chemical vapor deposition.