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Polarization Properties of Alfvén Oscillations in the TUMAN-3M Tokamak


The results of experiments on determining the polarization of two types of Alfvén oscillations observed with magnetic probes in the TUMAN-3M tokamak are presented. The difference in the polarization of short and long bursts of Alfvén oscillations, arising both in ohmic regime and during neutral beam injection, is found. The role of high-energy electrons in the excitation of Alfvén oscillations is discussed.

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The study of Alfvén oscillations was supported by the Russian Science Foundation, project no. 16-12-10285-P. The infrastructure of the TUMAN-3M tokamak is supported by the State Assignment of the Ioffe Institute.

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  • high-temperature plasma
  • tokamak
  • Alfvén oscillations
  • polarization
  • suprathermal electrons.