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The Influence of the Porosity of Silicon Layer on the Elastic Properties of Hybrid SiC/Si Substrates


The effect of the porosity of a silicon layer containing macropores on the elastic and thermomechanical properties of SiC/Si substrates obtained by the atomic substitution method has been studied. The calculation of the elastic constants of porous silicon is performed by the finite element method. The results of calculating of Young’s modulus in the [111] direction agree with the estimates obtained by the method of nanoindentation of SiC/Si (111) substrates. The derived theoretical model can be used to determine the elastic properties of SiC/Si substrates of various orientations.

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This study was carried out within the framework of the Russian Science Foundation, project no. 20-12-00193.

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  • porous silicon
  • silicon carbide
  • elastic properties.