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Calculation of Transparent Armor Resistance to a High-Speed Impact by a Spherical Projectile


Using the computer-based simulation method within the scope of continuous mechanics, impact interaction with a speed of 3000 m/s between a steel ball and a transparent armor target is calculated (the target has three layers). The face layer of the transparent armor is made of aluminum oxynitride; the middle layer, of hardened glass; and the lower layer, of polycarbonate. The influence of the angle of the projectile approach to the target and thickness of the hardened glass layer on the process of target penetration is studied.

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These investigations were carried out in the course of project no. L of the Tomsk State University Competitiveness Improvement Program.

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Correspondence to A. Yu. Sammel’.

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  • transparent armor
  • high-speed interaction
  • computer-based simulation.