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Measurements of γ- and Neutron-Radiation Spectra in Nuclear Reactions with 3He and 9Be Ions


We present the measured spectra of γ and neutron radiation generated in the 9Be(3He,pγ)11B and 9Be(3He,nγ)11C nuclear reactions at an energy of 2.57 MeV of 3He ions using a BC-501A organic detector and an HPGe semiconductor spectrometer. Line shapes of 6.9-MeV γ-transitions from the 9Be(3He,nγ)11C reaction and 8.92-MeV transitions from the 9Be(3He,pγ)11B reaction, measured at angles of 0°, 30°, 60°, 90°, and 120° have been determined. The angular distribution of protons emitted when populating the 8.92-MeV level of the 11B nucleus in 9Be(3He,pγ)11B reaction, as well as the energy distribution of neutrons in 9Be(3He,nγ)11C reaction, have been reconstructed.

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The authors are grateful to V.G. Kiptily (CCFE, Abingdon, United Kingdom) for advice in analyzing experimental data.


The reported study was funded by RFBR, project no. 19-32-90081.

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  • neutron spectrometry
  • γ spectrometry
  • excitation functions
  • γ-transition
  • diagnostics of high-temperature plasma.