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The effect of ion energy on the surface morphology of platinum film under high-frequency ion plasma sputtering


The effect of ion energy (E i = 45–220 eV) on the sputter deposition rate and surface morphology of polycrystalline platinum films processed in high-density argon plasma of low-pressure (P = 0.08 Pa) RF induction discharge has been studied. The sputtering yield of Pt has been determined as a function of the ion energy. Analysis of the data of scanning tunneling microscopy showed a large difference between the surface profiles of samples treated at minimum and maximum ion energies in the range studied. The mechanism of Pt surface morphology modification by ion plasma sputtering is discussed.

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Original Russian Text © I.I. Amirov, V.V. Naumov, M.O. Izyumov, R.S. Selyukov, 2013, published in Pis’ma v Zhurnal Tekhnicheskoi Fiziki, 2013, Vol. 39, No. 2, pp. 68–75.

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Amirov, I.I., Naumov, V.V., Izyumov, M.O. et al. The effect of ion energy on the surface morphology of platinum film under high-frequency ion plasma sputtering. Tech. Phys. Lett. 39, 130–133 (2013).

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