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An Investigation of the Conductive and Ferroelectric Properties of BZT Films

Technical Physics Aims and scope Submit manuscript


Local polarization processes in BaTi1 – xZrxO3 thin films are studied using contact conductive scanning probe microscopy and piezoelectric response microscopy. The relationship between the direction of the created domains and the magnitude of the flowing currents is established. The value of the residual polarization is found. Using scanning probe microscopy, the hysteresis loop is measured and the values of the piezoelectric modulus dzz and coercive field Ec for these films are determined.

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Ekaterina Vladimirovna Gushchina and Bogdan Romanovich Borodin acknowledges RFBR grant 18-32-00092_mol-a for supporting this work. Measurements with scanning electron microscopy and X-ray diffraction measurements were performed using the equipment of the Materials Science and Diagnostics in Advanced Technologies Federal Center for Collective Use (Ioffe Institute), partly with the financial support of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation, agreement no. 14.621.21.0013 dated August 28, 2017, project identifier RFMEFI62117X0018.

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Correspondence to E. V. Gushchina.

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Translated by S. Rostovtseva

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Gushchina, E.V., Borodin, B.R., Sharov, V.A. et al. An Investigation of the Conductive and Ferroelectric Properties of BZT Films. Tech. Phys. 65, 2066–2071 (2020).

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