Electronic Work Function of Carbon Nanocomposite Films According to Vacuum and Atmospheric Photoemission


Using the methods of optically stimulated electron emission (OSEE) and ambient pressure photoemission spectroscopy (APS), the energy characteristics of carbyne-containing films on copper and silicon substrates have been studied. The average contact potential difference and the work function were determined, and the positions of the Fermi level for carbyne-containing films of various thicknesses were calculated. It was found that the electrons work function and the position of the Fermi level of the studied film samples do not depend on the film thickness and the type of substrate. The information content of the OSEE and APS methods for evaluating the quality of carbon coatings on substrates is shown.

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The authors are grateful to Professor V.D. Kochakova for her help in the preparation of LCC films, as well as Iain Baikie for help in measuring photoelectron emission at atmospheric pressure.


This work was performed within the framework of state order of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation no. 3.1485.2017/4.6 with the support of decree no. 211 of the Government of the Russian Federation, contract no. 02.A03. 21.0006.

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