Lasing in microdisks with an active region based on lattice-matched InP/AlInAs nanostructures


The emissivity of unstrained quantum-dimensional InP/AlInAs nanostructures and their lasing properties in microdisk cavities prepared by wet etching have been studied. For as-prepared structures, it has been found that they radiate owing to quantum-dimensional InP islands 50–300 nm in diameter. At temperatures below 160 K, whispering gallery modes have been observed in the microdisks. Experimental data on the PL intensity for microcavity modes versus the pump power, which were obtained at liquid helium temperature, have made it possible to find the lasing threshold, 50 W/cm2. The half-width of the laser line at above-threshold powers equals 0.06 nm, which corresponds to a Q factor of 15 000.

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