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Effect of kinetic boundary conditions on the cross section of the scattering of an electromagnetic wave by a small metal particle

  • Theoretical and Mathematical Physics
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Technical Physics Aims and scope Submit manuscript


The scattering cross section of a small spherical metal particle in the presence of a plane electromagnetic wave is calculated in the dipole approximation. On the assumption that the radius of the particle is less than the skin-layer depth, the skin effect is disregarded. The calculations are performed with the aid of the kinetic approach at an arbitrary ratio of the free-path length of electrons to the radius of the particle. The model of the diffuse—specular Fuchs boundary conditions is used to obtain the nonequilibrium distribution function. Asymptotic expressions for large particles are in agreement with the known results of the macroscopic theory.

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Original Russian Text © I.A. Kuznetsova, M.E. Lebedev, A.A. Yushkanov, 2015, published in Zhurnal Tekhnicheskoi Fiziki, 2015, Vol. 85, No. 9, pp. 1–7.

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Kuznetsova, I.A., Lebedev, M.E. & Yushkanov, A.A. Effect of kinetic boundary conditions on the cross section of the scattering of an electromagnetic wave by a small metal particle. Tech. Phys. 60, 1261–1267 (2015).

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