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Magnetomigration in granular Co-Cu films


The effect of an applied dc inhomogeneous magnetic field on the structure and the composition of granular Co-Cu films is studied during their deposition by an ion-plasma method and during low-temperature vacuum annealing. Magnetomigration, which consists in the oppositely directed mass transfer of paramagnetic and diamagnetic phases, is detected in both cases. The magnetomigration effect is clearly detected at a temperature of 200–220°C and an applied magnetic field of 500–550 Oe due to a fine-grained structure of the films and, correspondingly, a high granular medium mobility.

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Original Russian Text © E.Yu. Buchin, D.A. Kokanov, 2015, published in Zhurnal Tekhnicheskoi Fiziki, 2015, Vol. 85, No. 5, pp. 43–49.

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  • Cobalt
  • Depth Profile
  • Applied Magnetic Field
  • Cobalt Concentration
  • Parallel Magnetic Field