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Spectral Response of Arrays of Half-wave and Electrically Small Antennas with SINIS Bolometers


Two types arrays of annular half-wave and electrically small antennas with typical sizes of the elements corresponding to 1/10 of the wavelength at SubTHz band with integrated superconductor–insulator–normal metal–insulator–superconductor (SINIS) bolometers have been developed, fabricated and experimentally studied. We performed numerical modeling of the full structure and use additional reference channels in experimental studies to enhance the accuracy of the spectral response estimations of receiving arrays. In experiments three reference channels were used for normalization of the spectral response: a pyroelectric detector outside the cryostat, and two cold channels—a RuO2 bolometer and on-chip thermometer comprising series array of NIS-junctions.

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Correspondence to A. A. Gunbina.

Ethics declarations

This study was carried out as part of the state assignment of the IRE RAS (no. 0030-2019-0003) and of the IAP RAS (no. 0035-2019-0005). The manufacture and tests of the samples were done with the use of the unique research installation (USU no. 352529).

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Gunbina, A.A., Tarasov, M.A., Lemzyakov, S.A. et al. Spectral Response of Arrays of Half-wave and Electrically Small Antennas with SINIS Bolometers. Phys. Solid State 62, 1604–1611 (2020).

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  • SINIS-bolometers
  • arrays of planar antennas
  • terahertz radiation