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Effect of Magnetic Co–CoO Particles on the Carrier Transport in Monolayer Graphene


Electrodeposition of cobalt on monolayer graphene synthesized by chemical vapor deposition produces Co–CoO/graphene composite structures, which is accompanied by increases in the electrical resistance and magnetoresistance. We show that the observed magnetoresistance effect is caused by two competing contributions: negative (NMR) and positive (PMR) magnetoresistance. In weak magnetic fields, the NMR is described by quantum localization correction to the Drude model of conductivity in graphene. The enhancement of PMR observed in strong magnetic fields is related to the Lorentz mechanism in Co–CoO particles.

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The work was supported by the State Committee on Science and Technology, Republic of Belarus (agreement no. F18PLShG-005), within the state research programs “Photonics and Opto- and Microelectronics” (assignment no. 3.3.01), and within a contract (no. 08626319/182161170-74) with the Joint Institute for Nuclear Research, Russia.

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  • graphene
  • cobalt
  • cobalt oxide
  • carrier transport