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Photoelastic Properties of Potassium Sulfate Crystals


The spectral dependences of the absolute piezooptic coefficients of potassium sulfate crystals are studied. It is established that their dispersion dependence is insignificant. The matrix of elastooptic coefficients pin of these crystals is filled using the elastic stiffness coefficients and the absolute piezooptic coefficients. The coefficient of acoustooptical efficiency M2 is calculated. It is shown that, considering the maximum values, it is more than an order of magnitude higher than that of quartz and strontium borate crystals. Potassium sulfate crystals are proposed for use for acoustooptic modulation of ultraviolet radiation, taking into account the short-wavelength limit of their transparent region (~170 nm).

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  • potassium sulfate
  • piezooptic coefficients
  • elastooptic coefficients
  • acoustooptical efficiency