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Formation of a Domain Structure in Multilayer CoPt Films by Magnetic Probe of an Atomic Force Microscope

Abstract—A possibility of changing the magnetic type structure of multilayer CoPt films under action of the magnetic field of the atomic force microscope probe is demonstrated. A new method of non-contact magnetic-force measurements based on artificial increase in the electrostatic interaction between the probe and the film is proposed. This method enables one to controllably change the distance between a probe and a film, thus changing the strength of the magnetic interaction. Using it, one can create from a uniformly magnetized state both a labyrinth domain structure and isolated domains, which are apparently magnetic skyrmions.

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This work was carried out in the framework of state task of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation (project no. 8.1751.2017/PCh) and supported by the Russian Foundation for Basic Research (projects nos. 16-07-01102_a and 17-37-80008_mol_ev_a).

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Temiryazev, A.G., Temiryazeva, M.P., Zdoroveyshchev, A.V. et al. Formation of a Domain Structure in Multilayer CoPt Films by Magnetic Probe of an Atomic Force Microscope. Phys. Solid State 60, 2200–2206 (2018).

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  • CoPt Films
  • Labyrinth Domain Structure
  • Magnetic Skyrmions
  • Single-pass Scanning
  • Probe Resonant Frequency