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Structuring effect of heteroepitaxial CdHgTe/CdZnTe systems under irradiation with silver ions

  • Semiconductors
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Physics of the Solid State Aims and scope Submit manuscript


The characteristics of a damaged layer of p-Cd x Hg1 − x Te/CdZnTe (x ∼ 0.223) heterostructures after implantation by 100-keV silver ions with the implantation dose Q = 3.0 × 1013 cm−2 have been obtained using X-ray diffraction, atomic force microscopy, and electron microscopy. It has been found that, as a result of the ion implantation and subsequent annealing (75°C), a uniform array of nanostructures is formed on the surface of Hg(Cd)Te/Zn(Cd)Te samples. The X-ray diffraction patterns of the structurized Hg(Cd)Te/Zn(Cd)Te sample indicate the formation of polycrystalline Hg(Cd)Te phases of cubic structure with a composition x ∼ 0.20 and also oxide Ag2O in the subsurface (<100 nm) region of the host material. The observed effects of transformation of the defect-impurity system and structuring of the surface of the heteroepitaxial film of the low-energy-gap semiconductor have been explained using a deformation model.

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