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Modulus of elasticity and thermal expansion coefficient of glassy solids


A linear correlation between the modulus of elasticity and the inverse square of the thermal expansion coefficient for inorganic glasses has been found. The nature of interrelation between linear and nonlinear properties of solids has been discussed.

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Original Russian Text © D.S. Sanditov, B.S. Sydykov, 2014, published in Fizika Tverdogo Tela, 2014, Vol. 56, No. 5, pp. 970–972.

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Sanditov, D.S., Sydykov, B.S. Modulus of elasticity and thermal expansion coefficient of glassy solids. Phys. Solid State 56, 1006–1008 (2014).

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  • Elastic Modulus
  • Thermal Expansion Coefficient
  • Chalcogenide Glass
  • Linear Thermal Expansion Coefficient
  • Uniaxial Deformation