Band structure of a two-dimensional resonant photonic crystal

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The band structure of two-dimensional resonant photonic crystals of two types has been calculated using the expansion of eigenfunctions in plane waves. Crystals of one type consist of infinite dielectric cylinders forming a square lattice filled with a resonant gas, and crystals of the other type consist of infinite cylindrical holes filled with a resonant gas and forming a square lattice in a dielectric matrix. It has been shown that, in both cases, the dispersion of a resonant gas in combination with the dispersion of a two-dimensional structure with a photonic band gap leads to the appearance of an additional narrow transmission band near the edge of the band gap or an additional band gap in the continuous spectrum of the photonic crystal. The calculations performed have demonstrated that new dispersion properties substantially depend on the density of the resonant gas, the position of the resonant frequency with respect to the edge of the band gap, and the direction of propagation of electromagnetic waves.

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Original Russian Text © S.Ya. Vetrov, I.V. Timofeev, N.V. Rudakova, 2010, published in Fizika Tverdogo Tela, 2010, Vol. 52, No. 3, pp. 489–494.

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