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Spatial and Hyperfine Characteristics of SiV and SiV0 Color Centers in Diamond: DFT Simulation


One of the most promising platforms to implement quantum technologies are coupled electron-nuclear spins in diamond in which the electrons of paramagnetic color centers play a role of “fast” qubits, while nuclear spins of nearby 13C atoms can store quantum information for a very long time due to their exceptionally high isolation from the environment. Essential prerequisite for a high-fidelity spin manipulation in these systems with tailored control pulse sequences is a complete knowledge of hyperfine interactions. Development of this understanding for the negatively charged “silicon-vacancy” (SiV) and neutral (SiV0) color center, is a primary goal of this article, where we are presenting shortly our recent results of computer simulation of spatial and hyperfine characteristics of these SiV centers in H-terminated cluster C128[SiV]H98 along with their comparison with available experimental data.

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This work has been supported in part by Belarusian Republican Foundation for Fundamental Research, grants no. FMS-036, and by National Research Nuclear University “MEPhI” (Moscow Engineering Physics Institute).

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Nizovtsev, A.P., Kilin, S.Y., Pushkarchuk, A.L. et al. Spatial and Hyperfine Characteristics of SiV and SiV0 Color Centers in Diamond: DFT Simulation. Semiconductors 54, 1685–1688 (2020). https://doi.org/10.1134/S1063782620120271

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  • silicon-vacancy (SiV) color center
  • diamond
  • 13C nuclear spin
  • hyperfine interaction
  • density functional theory