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Frequency Tuning of Terahertz Stimulated Emission under the Intracenter Optical Excitation of Uniaxially Stressed Si:Bi


The results of experimental and theoretical investigations of terahertz-emission-spectrum tuning by means of uniaxial stress of a silicon crystal doped with shallow bismuth donors are presented for the case of intracenter optical excitation. The frequency tuning of two emission lines of the bismuth donor is shown for the case of uniaxial strain along the [001] crystallographic direction. The cross sections of stimulated Raman scattering for uniaxially stressed bismuth-doped silicon are calculated.

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R.Kh. Zhukavin, K.A. Kovalevsky, and S.G. Pavlov thank the EU Calipso Plus Program for supporting the visit to the FELIX Laboratory.


This study was supported by the Russian Foundation for Basic Research, project no. 19-02-00979, and the Joint Russian–German project (DFG no. 389056032 and 18-502-12077-NNIO). DLR collaborators confirm that the work is performed according to the contract.

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  • silicon
  • uniaxial stress
  • inversion
  • terahertz stimulated emission
  • stimulated Raman scattering