Self-Catalyzed MBE-Grown GaP Nanowires on Si(111): V/III Ratio Effects on the Morphology and Crystal Phase Switching


Self-catalyzed GaP nanowire and GaP/GaPAs nanowire heterostructures have been grown on Si(111) by solid-source molecular beam epitaxy. Formation of wurtzite polytype segments with thicknesses varying from the several tens up to the 500 nm depending on the growth condition has been observed. Effect of the V/III flux ratio on the growth mechanism, nanowire structure and morphology was studied by means of scanning electron microscopy and high resolution transmission electron microscopy.

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A.M.M. and I.S.M. thanks for support of the MBE growth processess the government of the Russian Federation (grants 3.9796.2017/8.9 and 16.2593.2017/4.6). G.A.S. thanks for support of the substrates preparation technique development the Russian Federation President grant MK-6492.2018.2. B.A.D. thanks for support of the nanostructures morphology investigation the Russian Science Foundation (grant no. 18-72-00231). TEM characterizations were performed using equipment of the Federal Joint Research Center “Material science and characterization in advanced technology” supported by the Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation (id RFMEFI62117X0018).

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