Microlens-Enhanced Substrate Patterning and MBE Growth of GaP Nanowires


In this paper we demonstrate the results on selective area growth of GaP nanowires via self-catalyzed growth method using molecular beam epitaxy (MBE) technique on patterned Si(111) substrates. The pattern fabrication method on a base of the photolithography process over an array of microspherical lenses has been studied theoretically and then optimized in order to obtain the nanostructures with controlled morphology. It was found that the positive resist thickness corresponding to the best achievable resolution in the subwavelength region is 250 nm in case of 1.5 μm silica spheres and excitation with 365 nm LED. The silica growth mask for selective epitaxy was fabricated. The ordered array of GaP nanowires was synthesized with MBE. Large scale ordering and selectivity of the growth technique is demonstrated.

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A.M.M. and I.S.M. thanks for support of the MBE growth processess the government of the Russian Federation (grants 3.9796.2017/8.9 and 16.2593.2017/4.6). L.N.D. thanks for support of the numerical modeling the Russian Foundation for Basic Research (grant no. 18-32-00899). V.V.F. thanks for support of the AFM and SEM studies on nanostructure morphology and growth mask topography the Russian Science Foundation (grant no. 18-72-00219).

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