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Study of Distribution of the Electric Field in a Plasma Chamber with Slot Input of Microwave Energy


Some types of the slot input of high energy into cylindrical and rectangular cavities are considered. The energy input through slot waveguiding apertures located at the central circle of the cavity is selected and optimized. The standing wave ratio of the system is determined. The change in the electrical field energy in the cavity, when the position of the slot waveguide is shifted, is simulated. The optimum (best for processing with microwave discharge plasma) positions of the objects and waveguide slots as well as critical positions (choosing which can put the oscillator out of action) are shown. The increase in the field density between two metallic objects is calculated. The results demonstrating the inacceptable way of the slot input of energy for solving some types of problems related to processing of complex surfaces with the microwave discharge are obtained.

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The work was supported by the Russian Science Foundation (project no. 19-19-00101).

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Correspondence to B. M. Brzhozovskii or S. Yu. Molchanov.

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  • microwave discharge
  • low-temperature plasma
  • mathematical simulation
  • slot waveguide