Plasma Physics Reports

, Volume 34, Issue 2, pp 95–102 | Cite as

Evolution of a Langmuir wave in a weakly inhomogeneous plasma in a longitudinal electric field

  • A. I. Matveev
Plasma Oscillations and Waves


The spatial evolution of a Langmuir wave excited by external sources in a weakly inhomogeneous electron plasma in a longitudinal electrostatic field is considered. It is shown that, in a longitudinal electrostatic field, a Langmuir wave can only be amplified in an inhomogeneous plasma provided that the current of trapped electrons exceeds that of untrapped electrons. In this case, as the wave propagates through the inhomogeneous region where its phase velocity increases, some untrapped electrons become trapped in the wave potential wells. As a result, the current of trapped electrons increases and the wave is amplified. Moreover, in the regions where the bulk electrons are localized, the minima of the wave are amplified to a greater extent than its maxima.

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Authors and Affiliations

  • A. I. Matveev
    • 1
  1. 1.Institute of TechnologySouth Federal UniversityTaganrog, Rostov oblastRussia

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