Experimental examination of ternary fission in nuclear track emulsion


Activities performed in preparation for the search for ternary fission of heavy nuclei and the analysis of fragment angular correlations with nuclear track emulsion and an automated microscope are detailed. Surface irradiation of nuclear emulsion by a Cf source was initiated. Planar events containing nothing but fragment triples were found and studied.

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Correspondence to P. I. Zarubin.

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Original Russian Text © K.Z. Mamatkulov, I. Ambrožová, D.A. Artemenkov, V. Bradnova, E Firu, M. Haiduc, M. Kakona, R.R. Kattabekov, A. Marey, A. Neagu, O. Ploc, V.V. Rusakova, R. Stanoeva, K. Turek, A.A. Zaitsev, P.I. Zarubin, I.G. Zarubina, 2017, published in Fizika Elementarnykh Chastits i Atomnogo Yadra, 2017, Vol. 48, No. 6.

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