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  • XIV International Seminar on Electromagnetic Interactions of Nuclei “EMIN-2015” Moscow, October 5–8, 2015
  • Published:

Future prospects of nuclear reactions induced by gamma-ray beams at ELI-NP


The future prospects of photonuclear reactions studies at the new Extreme Light Infrastructure—Nuclear Physics (ELI-NP) facility are discussed in view of the pursuit of investigating the electromagnetic response of nuclei using γ-ray beams of unprecedented energy resolution and intensity characteristics. We present here the features of the γ-ray beam source, the emerging ELI-NP experimental program involving photonuclear reactions cross section measurements and spectroscopy and angular measurements of γ-rays and neutrons along with the detection arrays currently under implementation.

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Talk at the “XIV International Seminar on Electromagnetic Interactions of Nuclei”, Moscow, October 5–8, 2015.

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