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Measurement of Cross Sections for the Reactions \({}^{{232}}{\textrm{Th}}({{}^{3}}{\textrm{He}}{,p4n})^{{230}}\)Pa, \({}^{{232}}{\textrm{Th}}({{}^{3}}{\textrm{He}}{,p2n})^{{232}}\)Pa, and \({}^{{232}}{\textrm{Th}}({{}^{3}}{\textrm{He}}{,2p+pn})^{{233}}\)Pa Induced by the Irradiation of a ThO\({}_{2}\) Target with \({}^{3}\)He Nuclei


The efficiency of employing a beam of intermediate-energy \({}^{3}\)He particles for the production of the radionuclide \({}^{230}\)Pa on natural-thorium targets, which is used to obtain a \({}^{230}\)U therapeutic \(\alpha\) emitter was estimated. The cross section for the reaction \({}^{232}{\textrm{Th}}(^{3}{\textrm{He}},p4n)^{230}\)Pa and the cross sections for the accompanying reactions \({}^{232}{\textrm{Th}}(^{3}{\textrm{He}},p2n)^{232}\)Pa and \({}^{232}{\textrm{Th}}(^{3}{\textrm{He}},2p+pn)^{233}\)Pa in the energy range from 39 to 58 MeV were measured. Experimental results were compared with theoretical data from TENDL-2019 library. The present experiment did not confirm a large cross-section values presented in TENDL-2019 library (up to 400 mb for the reaction \({}^{232}{\textrm{Th}}(^{3}{\textrm{He}},p4n)^{230}\)Pa). Therefore, this reaction can hardly be viewed as an alternative to proton- and deuteron-induced reactions for production of \({}^{230}\)Pa. The cross sections for the reactions \({}^{232}{\textrm{Th}}(^{3}{\textrm{He}},p2n)^{232}\)Pa and \({}^{232}{\textrm{Th}}(^{3}{\textrm{He}},2p+pn)^{233}\)Pa in TENDL-2019 also differ significantly from the experimental data.

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This work was supported by the National Research Center Kurchatov Institute, order no. 1918 of September 24, 2020.

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