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Effects of Radiative Corrections in the Drell–Yan Process at Ultrahigh Dilepton Invariant Masses


One-loop electroweak and QCD radiative corrections in the Drell–Yan process at ultrahigh energies and dilepton invariant masses are calculated. The refactoring of the READY code is performed, and the integration procedure and the implementation of kinematical conditions and constraints are optimized. A detailed numerical analysis of the impact of radiative corrections to observed cross sections and forward–backward asymmetries is performed for the first time by means of the READY code for the CMS experiment in the Run3/HL mode of the Large Hadron Collider.

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I am grateful to my colleagues from the RDMS CMS group for discussions and to the Master’s Degree Student M.P. Bugaevskaya for testing the READY code.


This work was supported by the ‘‘Convergence-2025’’ Research Program of Republic of Belarus (Microscopic World, Plasma, and Universe Subprogram). The numerical calculation of observables in the Run3/HL mode of the LHC was performed at the HybriLIT heterogeneous computing cluster of Laboratory of Information Technology at Joint Institute for Nuclear Research (JINR, Dubna).

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