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Microscopic Analysis of Elastic Scattering Angular Distributions for Five Different Density Distribution of 9Be Nucleus


The elastic scattering angular distributions of the weakly bound \({}^{9}\)Be projectile by \({}^{27}\)Al, \({}^{64}\)Zn, \({}^{89}\)Y, \({}^{120}\)Sn, and \({}^{208}\)Pb target nuclei at various incident energies are analyzed within the framework of optical model-based double-folding model. The aim is to examine the sensitivity of the elastic scattering cross sections to different density distributions of the projectile nucleus. For this purpose, the real part of the optical potantial was obtained for five different projectile density distributions, namely Moszkowski, Gupta 1, Gupta 2, Schechter, and Ngô–Ngô density distributions. The imaginary part is taken as the Woods-Saxon potential. The theoretical results are in good agreement with the experimental data.

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Authors would like to thank the referee for the valuable and constructive comments on the manuscript.

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