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Measurement of the \(\boldsymbol{\Sigma^{0}/\Lambda^{0}}\) Yield Ratio in \({pA}\) Interactions at 70 GeV


The active target with C, Si and Pb plates was irradiated in 70-GeV proton beam at U-70 accelerator. The signal (270 events) from \(\Sigma^{0}\to\Lambda^{0}+\gamma\) decays was selected in 10695 events with \(\Lambda^{0}\) and \(\gamma\) using gamma-detector data. The following values of the \(\Sigma^{0}/\Lambda^{0}\) ratio were obtained: \(0.34\pm 0.08\) (C), \(0.32\pm 0.06\) (Si) and \(0.10\pm 0.09\) (Pb). The comparison of the results with other experiments is presented.

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